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The Avaz Media Team

Managing Director


Stephen created Avaz by expanding his consultation business into a full service agency. As a business development management consultant, he had the potential to determine the most effective strategy for a business to achieve results. Stephen has an advanced diploma of Management and a diploma of Project Management as well as certificates in Teaching and Education, Sales and IT.

Full Stack Developer


Michael has a BA in Creative Digital Media along with several other IT Certifications. He is technically gifted and highly creative; Michael is extremely good at solving problems through innovative and sometimes unconventional ways. He is an active member of M.I.T. Mullingar and former mentor of the Coder Dojo Program.

Root Administrator


With a background in Environmental Science, Brian is our un-official branch manager. His specialities include: organic content creation and photosynthesis, he also enjoys a bit of gardening in his spare time.

Social Media Executive


Mark is responsible for developing and implementing social media strategies to increase a client’s online presence. He has multiple years’ experience and has managed client accounts’ with a following that has exceeded over 2 million. Mark is dedicated, driven and devoted which can be seen in his strategies which regularly deliver results quickly and efficiently.

Photo & Videography


Simon is forward thinking, motivated and creative, he offers advice and direction at all stages of a shoot and can focus on producing distinctive visual results. Along with a certificate in Photography he has an incredible eye for detail, unique angles, a focus on natural light and clean sophisticated colours which he uses to capture the true character of any subject.

SEO Specialist


Caragh is a creative content specialist with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, History, Greek and Roman Civilisation. She has built up a varied and expansive portfolio after working with numerous websites and companies over the past four years. Caragh gives her all to any content piece she is creating, whether for business or a personal project.

Research & Analysis


Dr. Susan Flynn is a PHD Researcher in NUI Galway and at present is a lecturer at both NUI Galway and IT Sligo. She has assisted in the research of consumer behaviour and markets to help our clients gain a powerful insight into their audience and business aims. Susan is highly resourceful as she also has MA in Social Work and a BA in Social Care Practice.

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